Let the Upcycling Commence!!

So… school is right around the corner and I am freaking out a little inside because I am usually so much further along on my kids school clothes creations by now. So last week I did some research and found a few tutorials to help me out with my school clothes dilemma. Here are some of the best sites that I have found.

Toddler Jumper from Men’s Shirt

Tutorial: The Shirt Dress

The Shirt Jumper-Men’s Shirt to Girl’s Dress Refashion Tutorial

Tutorial: the Layered Skirt

Now… how to use these great tutorials to create a wardrobe for my daughter for school. (By the way she is not a toddler anymore. Isn’t it so much easier to create cute clothes for toddlers? Not only are they smaller, so any snippet of fabric will work, but they don’t have as many fashion opinions… well, most of them anyway.)

Yesterday I decided to do it. I cut into my first men’s shirt. It was this amazing shirt from Cuba that my husband got so long ago. (He is the best by the way. He hoards his clothes and then purges for me every now and again. I have gained some really great upcycle possibilities from him.) It was so scary to think that I could ruin this shirt, but I just loved the embroidery and stripes. So I measured my daughter and as I was sewing, I was thinking of what a great job I was and how this was going to be the best dress ever. And it did turn out to be the best dress ever… only about a size too small. Dangit! Someone is going to get a really great dress. I just have to figure out who.

But this was my first try right? And life is a dance you learn as you go, so I didn’t hesitate. I used what I learned and hacked into a second men’s shirt. (Also donated by my wonderful guy after I showed him the too small dress. His comment: Oh well, you learned something from it. That’s all that matters.)

Here is the second dress. I love the men’s pockets. Don’t they look girly?? I swear they didn’t look that way when my man was wearing them. Now I am thinking… man, I am on a roll. What color dress do you want this time honey? White? Alright! I have just the thing… grabbing the white shirt now. Maybe I might post my own tutorial next… who knows?

Enjoy the Dance!

Until next time 😀


4 thoughts on “Let the Upcycling Commence!!

  1. I love it! I would have loved to wear that first dress myself if it came in the right size lol. Great job.

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