Calling All Readers!!

I need your help! Bear with me as I muddle my way to my point.

Okay, so today I am sitting here thinking. What do I post about? I have done so much upcycling lately that it seemed natural to post about that. Now, because of construction that is happening on my house, I am forced to take a break from my sewing endeavors. 😦

I am not going to lie. I have been trying to pretend that school starting is not right around the corner. I was so busy this summer getting ready for family reunions, and sewing away that I lost my summer somewhere in the middle of all of that. It seems like it just flew by. But I can’t keep fooling myself. School is just around the corner, and I need to get myself ready for the wonderful group of 30 or so kids that I get the blessing of teaching this year. It is time.

Every year I have a theme. This year, I have been tossing over loads of themes that I can use to tie all of our learning together, but I am not sure what theme that should be. So I am calling on you readers.

What do you suggest? I need a great theme for 5th graders. Something that will encourage them  to rise higher, be better and work harder than they ever thought possible.

Leave your ideas as comments below. Your ideas will help me come up with a great plan!! Thanks ahead of time for your help.

Enjoy the Dance!

Rebecca Rèe


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