The Best Book of My Summer!

So a colleague of mine has this great blog called The Teaching Thief. She does these great blog entries called Fiction Friday where she gives book talks of the great books that she is reading over the summer. She invites others to also add children’s literature that they have been reading over the summer. I just started following her blog again and am disappointed to say that this is the only link that I will be able to share this summer. 😦

Sadness aside, I want to share a great book. It is young adult literature, so I hope that is not breaking the rules. (Her blog is about children’s lit.) I just finished it today while I was trapped in my room (the cabinets are being redone in my kitchen and bathrooms this week). What a great excuse to read. This is by far the best book I have read all summer, and the best book I have read next to the Hunger Games in over the last year. Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier.

Gwyneth Sophie Elizabeth Shepherd was born with a time travel gene that she is unaware of. Her mother, at her birth, hides the fact that she could be a gene carrier by getting the midwife to change the actual date of her birth on her birth certificate. Sixteen years later as they await the day for her cousin Charlotte to time travel (She was born on the right day and has been being prepared for this gift her entire life.) Gwyneth travels back in time. This of course changes everything.

Family members that are born with the time travel gene spend their entire childhood preparing for this great gift. They learn to play instruments, speak multiple foreign languages, dance, acquire proper manners and social skills of different time periods. All of this training was never given to Gwyneth. Why did her mom hide the possibility that she could carry the time travel gene? Will she be able to survive time travel? Is she strong enough? And will Gideon her attractive time traveling partner ever quit treating her like a baby?

This book is full of mystery, young romance, and adventure. Everything that any teenage girl is dying to read. I loved it so much that I pre-ordered the second book through Amazon right after I finished. I can’t wait for October to get here!!!

Want to give your own book review? You can! There is a few hours left. 😀


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