A Hat for Monkey

While Monkey was here, he kept going into Brama’s (that’s me) creating room and putting an adult monkey hat from my hat rack on his head. I knew that before he left I had to make him one. (Only fitting: a monkey hat for monkey.)

I used a pattern from Sock Monkey Kook on Etsy. You can find her pattern by clicking here. She has some really great tried and true patterns in her store. I would highly recommend if you crochet that you check her store out.

The pattern works up quickly. I can usually get one hat done in a matter of a few hours. (Of course I have made them several times, so I know what is coming next.) But I would say you could definitely conquer this in a weekend.

We had given Monkey a coon skin cap and pop rifle when he arrived. He loved the pop rifle but refused to wear the coon skin hat. I am happy to report that he loved wearing the Monkey hat! Even if it was just because he loved pulling the tassels until it looked like it might shoot off his head like a rubber band. (Sock monkey hats are very durable.)

Sadly, Monkey and Cupcake had to go home Saturday. :`( It was a sad goodbye, because I rarely get to see them, but it has me hopeful for the next time they get to come.

Enjoy the Dance ;D

Rebecca Rèe


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