Girls Cropped Jacket from Dad’s Military Shirt

So my husband (all excited about the upcycling we were doing) brought me this military blouse from Hungary and said: make something for Little Miss Skinny for school out of this! I said: Okay (because I think this is the first time he has EVER handed over a piece of camo… especially from another country… that he knows is going to be cut up.)

So… I took it and hung it in my closet so the front faced out and every day I got up in the morning and decided that I still wasn’t inspired to know what to make of it. Ugh. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t doing nothing. I figured that hemming a bunch of pants really wasn’t blog worthy though, so I spared you the pain.) I didn’t want to disappoint him. I mean, what if I cut something out of it and screwed it up? The pressure to create something amazing was overwhelming.

I am happy to say that yesterday I finally did it. I imagined a girls camoflauge cropped jacket with a hood. Now only if I could pull it off. Here are some of the pictures of what I did. It’s not really a tutorial, and I didn’t take a picture of the jacket before I started cutting (probably because if I failed I didn’t want to remember what I ruined).

So this is a picture of the front where I drew the chalk marks. I wanted to keep the hem, and I thought having one button at the top was a nice touch. I unpicked the pockets wondering if I could reuse them in this article of clothing, but it turns out that they will have to be reused for something else. I may reuse a couple of the buttons on the sleeves, but I haven’t thought that through all the way yet.

Here is a closeup of that same chalk drawing.

Here is the back piece cut out. After cutting out the back, I thought I could get the hood out of the back as well. I folded the remainder of the back of the shirt in half and cut out the hood shape. I had to alter my vision a little to make a hood because the fabric that was left wasn’t quite the right shape.

Here is a picture of the hood in it’s folded state.

Here is a picture of the hood unfolded. You can see how I used some of the previous seam. I sewed the rest of it together and then roll hemmed the front of the hood. I altered the sleeves a bit, but kept the length. It was a short sleeve blouse, but on Little Miss Skinny became a long sleeve.

I sewed it together the usual way. First the shoulder seams, then the sleeves, then I put the hood on. Next the side seams. Found this darling iron-on at Jo Ann’s and decided to use it on this jacket. Little Miss Skinny also wants me to put the Hungary patch back on so I will most likely do that as well. (Maybe on the shoulder?) We are also considering some silver crochet embellishment around the sleeves and hood to accent the patch, but Little Miss Skinny doesn’t want to make it TOO girly. So we have to think on that.

Time to reveal the final product…

Here it is! What do you think? I wish I could get a picture with Little Miss Skinny, but she is still sleeping in (only a few more days until school starts) and I wanted to get this up and done. I HAVE to get in my classroom today or I won’t be ready for school to start!

Here is a photo of the back:

I just love the hood! It just adds something that the blouse didn’t have. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough material to make it, but I am glad it all worked out.

About those pockets…

still trying to decide what to make out of them. What do you think?

Enjoy the Dance 😀

Rebecca Rèe


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