Magical Beginnings

There is something magical the night before school starts. The room is ready, everything is picture perfect. It’s something like the feeling of the night before Christmas. No one can sleep well: teachers, parents, students. Everyone is on pins and needles… students wondering what their teacher will be like, teachers wondering what their students will be like, parents wondering if their child will have a good year.

Here are a few photos I took the night before school started:


Nothing inspires like colorful posters.


Nothing helps kids love reading more than some iPods with digital copies of books 😀Image

Making my classroom feel like a home helps my students and me relax and enjoy being together.Image

A globe and bookshelves full of books. Nothing sets the learning stage better than that.Image

Shelves of interesting magazines. I know I didn’t have them when I was going to school. Did you?Image

Books, books and more books. This is only one wall!

I would have to say teaching is my number one most favorite thing to do! (Or is it crafting? Or the outdoors?) Ah heck, I love it all…

Enjoy the Dance ;D

Rebecca Rèe


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