A Barstool for Bob

Getting ready for the school year can be a challenge. As teachers we usually check up on each other and see how things are going and if there is anything that we have that might be helpful for someone else… especially if we are changing grades. I walked across the ramp (I teach in a portable classroom) to see how Bob was doing. As I walked into his room I noticed that there was this stool in the middle of his room that looked terrible. The cover was all torn up and the batting was hanging out. I couldn’t help it. The conversation went something like this:

Me: What’s up with the stool?

Bob: Well actually I was going to talk with you about that. I want you to recover it.

Me: Okay… can I rip that stuff off?

Bob: Yes, you can do anything you want. I thought you could just make like a shower cap thing for it with elastic around the bottom to gather it on.

Me: Okay… I’ll see what I can do.

As I got to thinking about it, I didn’t want to make it like a shower cap because I knew it would just slide around and get annoying. This weekend I finally decided I was going to get that darn stool off my list. I took it apart, took the cover off and then decided… shoot, this would make a good blog. So sorry I didn’t take a picture of it with all the torn plastic. Just trust me when I say it looked hideous.

I started by ripping all the original plastic cover off so I could see how the stool was put together. 

Then I took apart the stool.

Here is the top piece. I took that further apart. In the picture below you can see that there was a removable plastic piece that made it simple to recover.

I flipped the top upside down on the fabric and drew a line about 1/2 inch bigger than the seat. Then I measured the side all around the circle and how deep it was and added and inch and a half so that it would wrap under the seat and be secured by the screws.

I sewed the long rectangle together and then sewed the rectangle to the circle. 

Top view.

Bottom view.


Gave it a couple of coats of Scotch Guard to protect it from messy kids 😉

Gotta love Scotch Guard!

I think Bob’s gonna like it. I can’t wait to bring it to him!!

Now when I bum 50 cents off him every now and again for my diet Cherry Pepsi I won’t feel so guilty. 😉

Enjoy the Dance ;D

Rebecca Rèe


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