Guess Who at Curriculum Night

I always wonder what to do at Curriculum Night that will be both fun and informative, plus I wonder what I can do that will encourage parents to come. I sent out several emails, and then school sent home several paper notes. I promised a fun time and treats…

This year I got a wonderful idea for Curriculum Night from The Teaching Thief called Guess Who Portrait Envelopes. Instead of using them as a time capsule like Amanda, I thought they would be a great guess who for parents. I typed up a few questions for my students to answer, had them create their self portrait and answer the questions which we tucked inside and sealed. Then they wrote their name small on the back so that parents would know if they found their seat or not.




When parents came that night, I had them find their child’s self portrait (much more difficult then you may imagine) then I had the same quiz and told them their goal was to see how many questions they could answer to match their child. (As parents, I don’t think we realize that we may not know our child like we think we do.) Anyway, after the quiz, I shared what children would be learning that year, helped them with any questions they had, and they were treated to a cake pop…

…which I didn’t think about taking a picture of until the last guy was standing. Good to the last crumb!

With all that hard work… the emails, the self portraits, the cake pops, the notes home, you would think that most parents would show, but sadly only 9 out of 29 students were represented at Curriculum Night. It’s very sad for those kids to have to walk in the next morning and realize that their parents didn’t come, see their portraits unopened. They miss out on all the fun. 😦

Any suggestions on how to get parents to attend curriculum night? We have other great nights that parents do attend. I know that food is a big factor in those, should we have a BBQ? a raffle? What has been successful at your school?

Enjoy the Dance ;D

Rebecca Rèe



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