Boutonniere on a Budget

My daughter got an invitation for homecoming. She was so excited, but had never been to a semi-formal dance before and didn’t know if boutonnieres were required. We did a little research and found out that she indeed needed to buy him a boutonniere. We live in a little town with no real florist. Yes you can go to the grocery store and buy some flowers, or have someone make you a boutonniere in the grocery store’s floral department for quite a bit of money. $20 plus dollars seems a lot for one rose, some baby’s breath, a little floral tape, and ribbon.

I am not the kind of person who can just fork over that much money for a flower… Plus, they couldn’t even get me the boutonniere in a timely fashion! So, I went to Albertsons and bought one yellow rose (My choices were red or yellow. $1.99), one bunch of babies breath ($3.99), some floral tape ($1) from The Dollar Tree (got to love that place), and went home. My daughter’s dress was a deep plum, and I had no plum ribbon. Nor did I have time to drive for an hour round trip and pick some up. So… I found some black ribbon that was used to tie up one of my fat square bundles that I had previously purchased, took it off the bundle of fat squares, flat ironed the ribbon and added some lavender ribbon that I had laying around in my ribbon box. Here is the result:

I think I created something everyone can live with.

Enjoy the Dance ;D

Rebecca Rèe


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