21st Century Skills: Student Discourse

So one of the skills that I work on with my students is being able to openly share what they know and also be vulnerable enough share what they don’t know. There is no shame in not knowing how to do something. We have to be able to identify that we don’t know something before we can learn how to do it successfully. Here is a couple of boys (one who just learned how to solve the area of a parallelogram and the other who needs extra support) working together to make meaning in the math world. They amaze me 😀 I love my job!

Today is a great day to learn!

Enjoy the Dance ;D

Rebecca Rèe


5 thoughts on “21st Century Skills: Student Discourse

  1. I am about to embark on a programme of teaching art and crafts to children at an orphanage. I think I’m going to come knocking on your door for advice. It is rewarding, isn’t it?

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