Have You Hugged Your Zombie Today?

If you haven’t you might be able to make your very own special zombie using Zombie Felties by Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate. The book is rated by difficulty.

One skull image006  for beginners, 2 skulls image006image006,  3 skulls image006image006image006  and  4 skulls image006image006image006image006  for a pro. The author’s warning? Don’t try image006image006image006  until you have tried a couple of image006 and image006image006.


This book has given us hours of fun and creativity. Here are some of the felties my kids and I created over the break.

Smarty Pants my youngest (10 yrs.) and newest to sewing… (well, let’s just say these are her two first “real” sewing projects) made Dead Ducky image006  (complete with razor sharp fangs)…


and Zombie Kitty image006 (complete with eyeball necklace).


Tater (11 yrs.), who has been sewing and creating a little longer, made Zombie Puppy image006 (he seems surprisingly friendly) and…


Thrilla image006image006image006… (look familiar?)


Miss Independent (16 yrs.), who hasn’t done too many sewing projects, made Day of the Dead image006image006 and…


Zombie Bunny image006image006 (complete with exploding intestines). I can’t decide which of these two I love more. They are both charming in their own special ways. 😉


And of course I had to get in the action. I couldn’t let them have all the fun without me!

I created Zombie Gypsy image006image006image006image006, and


 Zombie Surfer image006image006image006 (complete with gravestone surfboard)… IMG_0149-7
And what pray tell did we do with all these zombies? Why give them away to good homes where we know they will always get the hugs they deserve. (Even zombies need hugs. ;))

Now go and make your own zombie to love.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèè

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