Can You Say Jalapeño?

I was having a very rough day Wednesday and was in a very dark mood. In fact, I would have to say it was one of the darkest moods in a very long time. I was getting ready to go to a staff meeting, when in walks Tater. He had walked to my school from his (he goes to the middle school) and handed me what he had been working on for a while in shop. IMG_0169

You can tell how much he knows me because he did not make me an apple, or a pig, or any other popular cutting board out there. He made me a jalapeño. He knows how much I like things spicy! (And so does he btw.) I was so thrilled. It was the most beautiful cutting board I have ever seen with a lovely piece of purple heart running through the middle.

Will I cut my jalapeños on this board? Absolutely NOT! This board is hanging on my wall forever… I mean, how can I cut on a board that is engraved “For The Greatest Mom in the World”?

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe


One thought on “Can You Say Jalapeño?

  1. They say we’re supposed to learn from dark moods. As to what I’m hardly ever sure. The gifts – almost always a gift while in it ….

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