I’m still here… are you?

Hi everyone!

Man has this been a dry stretch with no posts… I have been so busy. State testing keeps me busy. Kids keep me busy (both at work, and at the home front). End of year school activities keep me running like a cheetah! I just hope that everything comes together, and that unlike the cheetah, I can keep going longer than a sprint. I need the endurance of a… human? Did you know out of all the animals, humans have the most stamina? They can keep going for longer distances then any other animal. I should be fine then… right?

Enjoy the Dance ;D

Rebecca Rèe

P.S. I am still working behind the scenes to bring some great projects to life… another post will hopefully come soon. I mean, the sun is out. Who could as for more?


2 thoughts on “I’m still here… are you?

  1. Hi! Glad you’re still around. Regarding stamina … been using mine up lately too. I think an ultra fit human, with support and enthusiasm, may be able to outrun a cheetah eventually. But I don’t think I’d want to. I’d much rather lie back on the couch or bed and watch it run at 60km/h for whatever reason it has to need to do so. I find my stamina lasts longer in a reclining position. With the laptop, my books and my cat. We’re entering winter now, in the southern hemisphere and there’d be lots of reason to want to build up my stamina by reclining. And thinking too much, as everybody has been telling me since I was a child. They told me to stop. Who would want to?

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