New Edition!!

A new edition was welcomed into the family Thursday! I now have three grandchildren. Monkey and Cupcake you have met on some of my other posts, and now we have a brand new baby grandson who I will affectionately (for now) call Radish. We will see if that name sticks, but I am pretty sure it is because he is so new and pink and shiny.

I would post a pic right now, but the pics I have are pretty fresh and I am not sure if the whole world enjoys fresh baby pics. 😉 Hopefully pics to follow real soon. My grandkids live rather far away and I need pics more than I need caffeine… or yarn… or random stashes of fabric.

Enjoy the Dance ;D

Rebecca Rèe


One thought on “New Edition!!

  1. Very much congratulations to the new addition to your family. Luckily with email pics are fairly easy to come by. Enjoy!

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