Time for a New Blanket?

Alright. This post is a little embarrassing, but it has to be done. Posting this will most likely guilt me into finally doing something about the problem. But it is a big problem!

Once upon a time when Tater was a small little tot, I made him a blanket. He loved the blanket. You see, he had a hard time sleeping at night, and we had tried many things to help him stay asleep. When he was just a baby, I would wrap him really tight, like a burrito and plug his mouth with a binky just to get him to sleep. If the binky popped out he would cry uncontrollably, and if the blanket came unwrapped he would do the same. At the time I had no idea that he had sensory processing disorder. In fact, we didn’t discover that little tidbit until he was in first grade and had meltdowns every day in class.

You see, I had been controlling his environment without even thinking about it. I learned very early on to keep the house a little quieter, keep the faucets from dripping, wrap him to sleep, be okay with him sucking his thumb, and have small family birthday parties. He of course grew to big for his “Little B”  as he called it, and wrapping him like a burrito to go to sleep became difficult, so I decided to make him a quilt. Quilting experience? Zero.

I went to the store and bought the material I could afford. The backing being a heavy polyester that later turned in my favor because it made the blanket very heavy. (Weighted blankets being very good for kids with sensory processing disorder, which I at the time knew nothing about.)

I set out to make the quilt. I cut it and pieced it and quilted it with glee. And put a bear on it for Tater and me. 😉 It took a weekend, and turned out better then expected. It is amazing to me when I look back on my life how much worked out with this kid. You have to know at that point that God is really watching out for us. Right down to the little things like weighted blankets.

Porter and his brand new Bear B

Needless to say it was a success. He loved the bear, he loved the weight. He loved the size. (I made it a double size quilt so that it would be big enough as he grew.) He went to sleep each night sucking his thumb and wrapped like a burrito. He wouldn’t go anywhere without it. As he grew a little older we used to tease him and say… “Tater, when are you going to quit sucking your thumb and carrying your blanket? What is your wife going to say?” He would calmly reply… “At least I pee on the potty.”

At five years old he cut the thumb habit when looking at some of my pre-braces pictures one day. But he could never give up the blanket. He loves that blanket, but when I look at it now, I am ashamed to post these pictures. Why haven’t I done anything about this situation? I stitched it until it could no longer be stitched, and then I just resigned myself to the fact that it would fall apart. Tater, now 12 years old, still refuses to get rid of his bear B. I tease him when he walks around with it (it makes him look like a hobo) but he still loves it so much.



I need to make him a new blanket! I mean, how can this possibly keep him warm on winter nights? He still wraps himself in it every night, and without it he has trouble sleeping. He insists if I make him a new blanket that his “Bear B” (as he affectionately named it so many years ago) will have to be placed inside the new one. Maybe I can tell him it’s in there when it really isn’t?

Enjoy the Dance ;D

Rebecca Rèe


2 thoughts on “Time for a New Blanket?

  1. That kid of yours won’t buy the fib about the bear. You’d better transfer it. Your post was most helpful. I now understand myself a bit better. Had no idea there was something like sensory process problems. Love a weighted, layered blanket, duvet situation at night to sleep under. Security! Thanks for writing.

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