A Teacher’s Job is Never Done

I find it interesting how many people say that teachers have all the luck because they get the entire summer off from teaching. Funny thing: the term “summer’s off” is entirely incorrect. What most people don’t know is that there are many reasons why teachers do not have the summer’s off. Here are some of the things that keep teachers from sitting under a palm tree on the beach all summer long.

1: Teachers are expected to further their education just like most other professions out there in the world. Teachers spend many summer hours in workshops, in-services, and taking extended learning classes so that they will be able to renew their teaching certificate when the time comes. 

2: Teachers do not make the best money being what they love… teachers, so summer months are often spent making money from a side job so that they can continue to do the thing they love (teach) during the school year.

3: Teachers love kids so much they return back to the classroom to teach summer school, tutor, and otherwise help kids who might not quite be there get there.

4: When not doing one of the above activities, teachers are reading literature to make sure they stay current on the best books out there for kids, reading professional development books to make sure they are current on best practices, and just plain thinking about how to make the next year even better then the last.

If teachers tell you that they don’t spend their summers thinking and working toward the next year… they aren’t telling you the whole truth. All in all though, being a teacher is a reward worth working for. I can’t see myself changing gigs anytime in the future.

And I am positive that I can squeeze a little R & R in there somewhere. 😀
the crab 2

Enjoy the Dance ;D

Rebecca Rèe


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