3. Shirts for me

So if you saw my post yesterday, you knew that I was working on shirts for me. You will be happy to note that I did actually make a shirt. And sad to note that it’s just not me… not yet.

I love the tutorial for the peasant shirt and I followed the directions and got a shirt that I totally love… only it is about a size too small. I love the shirt, I love the fabric. I found it at a thrift store. It is so soft, warn and comfy. But now I know that for my body shape and the coverage I like I am going to need to go three sizes up instead of two. Oh well. It was fun anyhow…

Here are some quick pics to let you see what I did.


1. Cutting out the scoop neck and cutting off the sleeve and bottom hems. Save the sleeve and bottom hems. The bottom hem becomes your elastic neck casing and the sleeve hems become your ties.


2. Lettuce hem with a zig-zag stitch on all raw edges.


3. Iron the bottom cut off hem and  cut it open at the side seam. You want to leave the long seam because that way it is the casing for your elastic.


4. Cut both the side seam and the long seam on the arm bands. Then pull on the length so the material twists in on itself and then tie a not in each end.


5. Pin the casing around the neck of the shirt stretching the shirt to fit the casing. Then sew along the top and the bottom of the casing. Next, thread elastic with a safety pin. I just had to guess at about how much elastic I would need. Adjust it to fit the way you like it and then stitch it in place.

6. Attach the ties at the end of each side of the casing. Vwala! You are finished.


I really love the look. Maybe with all the healthy eating I have been doing I will be in it in no time. 😉

For the full awesome tutorial, visit My Gramma Said. I am off to the thrift store to find some new old comfy soft shirts!

Enjoy the Dance ;D



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