Mmmm… Monday!

In the past three years, we have discovered gluten allergies in our family. (No thanks to doctors.) Why is it that when it comes to mainstream doctors, they just want to put stuff in you, rather than see if you should stop putting something in you to solve the problem? I won’t bore you with how we figured this all out, and the long road we walked to get there, but I will tell you that it has taken time, and experimenting and we still don’t have it all figured out. Meals can get a little interesting at our house.

Our house has been a no dairy and soy house since Little Miss Smarty Pants has been a baby. She never tolerated either from the time she entered the world, but the gluten was new. That started with me. The usual symptoms were talked away by doctors as IBS, incompetent veins (Is that even a diagnosis?), a virus, and the severe bruising was a lack of a blood clotting agent that would take thousands of dollars to test by a blood pathologist so it would be better to learn to deal with it. (Learn to deal with it!?) Two weeks without gluten… it all went away. Thank goodness for great friends who are gluten experts or I would have been suffering for years.

Miss Independent’s issue was a little more personal. We’ll just say some serious girly issues are getting back on track.

Tater’s bruising is also under control… unless he cheats. 😉 We all have to go through that at some point I guess.

Most importantly, we are all feeling better and that’s a good thing.

Today, we wanted to have stir-fry and we were sick of all the non-soy stir fries that we have been eating lately. On the way home today I stopped by Haggen to see if I could find a miracle. Enter Maggie Gin.


Now her bottle doesn’t say gluten free, but I have been brave lately in trying things that don’t say gluten free but don’t contain gluten in the ingredients. One day that is going to come back to bite me, but today I just couldn’t stand one more day without flavor! It is soy free however and that is a miracle in itself. Good ole Maggie also has a sweet and sour sauce that is soy free as well. Hallelujah!

Needless to say, dinner was a big hit.


So happy Monday everyone!

What did you eat for dinner?

Enjoy the Dance ;D



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