Gotta love productive days!

Being home with sick kids doesn’t always mean that you don’t get anything done. If they are sleeping a lot you can get quite a bit done.

I love the fact that my kids are all old enough now that I don’t have to worry about leaving my project out and having them make “improvements” with scissors, markers, etc. All I have to worry about is them using my tools on their own projects. Either they get ruined (like the rotary blade) or they get lost (like the ruler… and today my seam ripper). Nothing like using a pin to rip out a messed up seam.

None-the-less, today was quite a productive day. Tater’s fabric came in and I was able to piece the top of his quilt today. 😀 So excited and so is he. We decided we couldn’t bear to coverup any of the blocks, so Tater settled on having a platypus made out of the leftover fabric. A coordinating platypus! So exciting. 😀 I know just the pattern. Here are a few snapshots of the quilt top. Sorry they aren’t so great. We had everything closed up because it was really warm and we had the air conditioning on.


It’s only my second quilt really, the last quilt I made was 10 years ago, so I am feeling pretty excited about this one.


It will be my first machine quilted one though, and a weighted quilt at that, so that has me a bit worried.


There are a few great tutorials for weighted quilts though. Maybe that will be Tuesday’s tutorial… who knows?

For those of you full time quilters out there… I respect you immensely. My back is aching!! And for those of you full time seamstresses. I am not worthy!! How the heck do you do it?

Enjoy the Dance ;D



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