Mmmm… Monday: PF Chang’s

So this last weekend, all but two of my children were out of the house. I decided it was about time I found out what PF Chang’s was all about. I had to run a few errands in the neighborhood and decided to take the family out. Allergies are a big deal when you want to eat out.


You can’t imagine how many I don’t knows and rolled eyes we get when we declare allergies at a restaurant. But not PF Chang’s. The waitress went out of her way, back and forth to the kitchen to make sure she got our order just right. Miss Skinny was able to order the most delicious lemon chicken, Tater some street noodles, and I had my first Mongolian Beef in about two years. It was amazing!! The gluten free menu is the longest one I have ever seen! I can’t wait until my pocketbook will let me go again. Nothing tastes better than good food made by someone else. No dishes to wash!! 😀

Enjoy the Dance ;D



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