Tutorial Tuesday: Creative ways to alter shirts. :D

So I have kicked my workouts into overdrive. First, because I have the time, and second because I am sick of seeing no results. I feel better when I work out, but I am soooo tired and ready for bed even before bedtime rolls around. 🙂

Well, you saw my summer list. One of them being shirts for myself. Notice how shirts you buy in the store these days are too short? The fact that they are too short for me is a shocker because I have a torso the size of a small child. But I stumbled upon this tutorial via Pinterest to add inches to your shirt in a creative way. You can find this tutorial on the blog Discover. Create. Live. I love it! I might try a strip of stretch knit or other stretchier fabric. Not sure, but can’t wait to try it.


Another great shirt alteration that I can’t wait to try I found on one of my favorite blogs: icandy handmade. Just a plain t-shirt with some added pizazz. 🙂 So much fun!


I love ruffles. I never used to, but they just seem to go with my personality. I guess I was trying to pretend that I was still that little tom-boy I used to be. And in some ways I am, but in other ways I just love to be a little on the girly side. But comfortable for sure! Pretty and comfortable. Thats what I love. Just like this shirt from Tea Rose Home.


Or how about this painted doily t-shirt tutorial from Maybe Matilda… also comfortable yet feminine. I bet I could still play football in this shirt. 😉


And if you are pregnant, or even if you aren’t, here is another great way to alter a man’s shirt. I think I love it as much as the tutorial I followed to make the superhero shirt that is sitting in the back of my closet waiting for a few more pounds to fall off. 😉 Little Birdie Secrets is where you go to find this gem of a tutorial.


Just a few of the fun tutorials out there for all you ambitious t-shirt wearers.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D



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