The Best App for a Teacher’s Library… EVER!!

Teachers love their students. Teachers love to see their students love reading. Teachers will hand over books willingly to send home with students because they want them to read… only to never see the books again. It is so difficult to keep track of who has what books. I can’t tell you the hundreds of dollars worth of books that have walked out of my room never to be seen again. 😦 I really don’t mind as long as that person really loves those books! But I do mind that I am constantly reinvesting in books that I should already own.

So comes the age old question. How do I let kids take books home but yet hold them accountable. Library card checkout systems take so much time away from teaching… what to do?

Randomly a couple of days ago… I can’t even remember where… I stumbled upon the best teacher app for a personal library. I am not kidding. The app is called Level It Books. At first, I thought it was just an app that helped you level your books, but then I saw it was so much more.

First, use the barcode scanner to find information on a book you have. If the scanner doesn’t work, you can add a book manually as well. You can build up an entire classroom library right inside your little phone. Exciting, right? But that’s not the end of it!!


After you have your books in the system, you can create a roster of students. (You can have multiple rosters if you need them… Come to think of it, you can have multiple libraries as well. Maybe I’ll start another library for home to keep track of all the books I’ve purchased so I don’t accidentally end up with double copies.)

Add students to your roster and you are ready to start checking out those books. All from the convenience of your phone!


You can even add a cute little photo of each of your students. Marvelous!

But that is not all. Oh no, that is not all!

This app is meant to be an ongoing app that will grow with the help of all of the wonderful teachers out there who use it. So register as an educator and offer up those levels that you know, that the app doesn’t, and voila! the system will grow quickly, allowing educators everywhere your knowledge, and you theirs.

The app also offers…

  • A book of the day.
  • A teacher account for educators.
  • A wish list so you have your book wishes at your fingertips when you are at your favorite bookstore.
  • A theme and font pack app that will help you personalize your app just the way you want it.
  • You can recommend this to parents so that they will be able to support their child in finding books that are right for them to read at home.

Did I mention that I love this app?

I can’t wait to scan in my entire library, and get books into kids’ hands!! Now I have the tool that can help me hold them accountable and won’t take tons of time out of my day! I can even train a responsible student to do it. Woo hoo!!

Enjoy the Dance! ;D



2 thoughts on “The Best App for a Teacher’s Library… EVER!!

  1. Interesting. This is an intriguing notion.

    Of course, the moment I pulled out my App holding device at middle school, someone broke into my class room and stole it. (In a nice, safe, rural neighbourhood in Canada, I’ll add). This could work with my less prone to steal things high school students, though. What about privacy issues having student’s photos on your phone?

    I shall have to consider this, though the hours of input are a trifle daunting!

  2. I guess I just keep my phone with me at all times so that I don’t get anything stolen. I also teach 5th grade which makes a big difference. If they are going to take anything it’s most likely going to be sharpies and stickers. πŸ˜‰

    I take student pics all the time. As long as I don’t share them with the world then there is not a privacy issue. Plus we have students sign a waver which allows me to use their pics on the web/etc. Those that sign no on the waver I don’t use. πŸ™‚

    The input seems daunting at first, but it moves along quickly. I have bookshelves that run around my whole room and so this is a great year to input books and weed out the never read or read to shreds books so that I have an excuse to buy more. πŸ˜‰

    All in all, I am very happy with the program so far. I will let you know how it goes. πŸ˜€

    ❀ Rebecca

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