Mmmm… Monday: Exhaustion!

Nothing will let you know how much energy you don’t have like staying a week in a camp full of high energy teenage girls! We got back Saturday and I have spent most of the days since sleeping. Well, I did go to church Sunday… and I did scrub dutch ovens today… and I did go shopping as well. (It’s amazing how much food my family can put away while I am away. 😉 )

So I am not sure what to write about when it comes to food today, except that I was taken very good care of by the Cookie at camp. She always had gluten free alternatives for me, right down to treats. The gluten free carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting were divine. And just when I thought she didn’t have any more tricks up her sleeves, she pulled out a gluten free vegan cinnamon roll from the Flying Apron for Miss Independent and I to share on our drive home. 😀


I have never had anyone understand gluten allergies as well as she did. And I have never before been spoiled like I was on this trip.

Yes, I will have to work out more this week then ever before, but I was reveling in gluten free bliss for a week. It was worth it.

Enjoy the Dance ;D



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