Fiction Friday: Diamond of Darkhold


Not going to lie. This week has been a little bit of a challenge. First, last week I was hoping to finish Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck, but I couldn’t finish before I needed to leave for girls camp and the ebook became due and I had to return it. 😦 So… I am now third in line to read the book. My guess is that will be nine weeks from now so I had to move on.

I returned back to the City of Ember series. I am not going to lie. After the Prophet of Yonwood, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read the last book. I was hoping it would be more exciting. I pressed forward to read it anyway because I always like to tie things up in a neat little bow, and I am happy to say that I enjoyed it.

51qTgTjGMhLIn The Diamond of Darkhold, by Jeanne DePrau (pronounced Jean DuPro) Lina, Doon and the rest of the City of Ember have become united with the people of Sparks. And even though they have worked out their differences, times are very hard. There is not enough food for all the people, they are cold and hungry and have to work hard to make sure they will be ready for spring, as houses will need to be built, and crops will need to be planted. Many people are sick, and Doon’s father ends up hurting his hand.

Lina and Doon stumble across a book through a roamer. (A person who travels around to ruined cities to scavenge for needed and unique items from the past.) Because most people have never learned to read (a forgotten, useless skill), the roamer had been using the book a page at a time to start fires. Lina and Doon find that the book is for the People from Ember, and know that it must contain important information. Doon and Lina trade a precious match for the book and Doon works to decipher the remaining pages. Unfortunately many of the pages are missing, and the eight remaining pages don’t offer many clues. Doon is certain that they must return to Ember however, and he convinces Lina to go with him. The journey is met with many perils… Will Lina and Doon find something that will help the City of Sparks? Even if they don’t find what they think the book is talking about, will they at least be able to journey into the dying city to at least find supplies that might help Sparks? Some Anit-B to help Doon’s father?

I am surprised and happy to say that I enjoyed this final book in the series much more than the previous one. Maybe it was that I stayed up late to finish it but I don’t really think so. Maybe it was because the author tied things up in a pretty little bow, but does that make a good book? I think what made me enjoy it so much was the discovery that as I was reading and enjoying the plot, there were many messages that the author was sending that struck home with me. I bookmarked a few that I wanted to share here.

1. “It wasn’t because they had extraordinary powers, really, but because of how well they used the ordinary powers everyone had: the power of courage, the power of kindness, the powers of curiosity and knowledge.”

2. “You know, son, I don’t think there’s such a thing as an easy life. There’s always going to be hard work, and there will always be misfortunes we can’t control lurking out at the edges—storms, sickness, wolves. But there is such a thing as a good life, and I think we have one here.”

3. “Trogg seemed to think that he knew everything, but strangely enough, it was exactly this that made him seem stupid to Doon. A person who thought he knew everything simply didn’t understand how much there was to know.”

Fast Facts:

  • Read Aloud 3-6
  • Readability 4.3
  • Guided Reading Level R
  • Lexile 760L
  • DRA 40
  • Chapter Book
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction/Series

I have been so busy with backpacking, camping and quilt making, that I have only been able to read one book this week, but maybe because I am under the weather, there might be more lounging this week. And lounging can only mean one thing… more reading. 😉

Happy Reading ;D



2 thoughts on “Fiction Friday: Diamond of Darkhold

  1. Okay, truth time. I have only read book 1 in this series. Loved it, but didn’t keep going. (Jess told me the next 2 were not as good.) Anywho…now I want to read them all just to get to this conclusion. Thanks for linking up. 🙂

    • 1 was best. 4 was runner up. 3 was not really worth it except right at the end. She could have cut out the entire book but the last third and condensed the plot somehow. IDK. 2 was fine. I am sure most kids would love the whole series though.

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