Tutorial Tuesday: Magic Pillowcase

What is a magic pillowcase? If you are asking that question, you are not alone. I also did not know what a magic pillowcase was… but I soon found out.

It started when I was out and about shopping for a pillow big enough to hold the cover I was going to make from Tater’s bear. Remember his blanket?



I know, I can’t believe I am showing it again either. But, in order to understand what I had to do, I felt it was necessary to show you the horror again. 😉

So, Tater agreed not to have this blanket put inside the new blanket because I told him I would save the bear and turn him into a pillow. Little did I know that pillows this size cost around $20. And who wants to make a pillow when you can just buy one right? So back to the drawing board I went and I thought… Why not make a pillowcase that he can put over a cheap $5 target pillow? Genius!

That’s when I started searching. You see, I didn’t want to make any ole’ pillow case… this one had to be cool if it was going to house the most special bear of all time. 🙂

So I started searching. There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of pillowcase tutorials out there. But I stumbled across this one at the twiddletails store and I felt it had all the elements I was looking for.

First, I cut the bear away from the quilt and we ceremoniously threw the rest in the garbage. This was difficult because after the new quilt was made, he was sleeping with both for a while.



I then followed the tutorial, except for before sewing the pieces together I attached the bear with fusible webbing and then machine stitched him in place. I then pinned and rolled the way the tutorial told me to and viola! A pillowcase ready for a pillow. The fabric was picked by Tater because it was reminiscent of the fabric that was on his ‘B’.



So he’s happy, I’m happy… we’re all happy ’round here. 🙂 Plus I learned how to make French seams. Fancy.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D



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