Missing…all summer.

I am so sorry to be missing all summer! My summer hasn’t exactly gone as I had planned. (Isn’t that just like life!) So between my grandfather and mother-in-law passing, and little Cupcake’s accident, it has been a whirlwind of activity and emotion. Yesterday I saw a pic of my little Cupcake for the first time since her accident and it was both reassuring and yet sad all at the same time. Reassuring that she is headed down the road to recovery and sad that she has to endure several years of pain, doctor visits and surgeries to set her to rights. You see, she has burns over 20% of her body. Poor little thing. 😦 I can’t even imagine the pain that she must have endured, is enduring. If I could go and take it all away from her I would, but that is physically impossible.

So… instead of focusing on what I couldn’t do, I focused on what I could do. It’s good advice I heard once. I could fly to their house and clean it. I could take their 4 year old little Monkey back to my home and take care of him so that he doesn’t have to sit in a hospital for hours on end, weeks on end. So that’s what I did. And Monkey is here with us. Learning to go on the potty. Learning to live with a bunch of Aunties and Uncles. And learning to deal with a set of grandparents that must seem just a little slower then their parents. It’s all good.


So, sorry for the blog being naked. I swore I was going to do a better job this summer and create some habits that would last all school year long. Sometimes it’s just not to be. Thanks for your prayers, your thoughts, and thanks for those of you who missed me out there in the blogging world. I missed you too!

Enjoy the Dance… You only get one.



One thought on “Missing…all summer.

  1. Very much good luck and love to you and yours. So, so sorry it happened to the little girl. I heard a talk on a radio (in RSA) of a little girl that got burned by one those fire lighting things. It exploded. Through prayer and faith she recovered. Took years. Much strength and good wishes from this side of the world.

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