Grammy feels like a Genius!!

Okay, so I know it’s not that big of a deal. Kids go potty all the time. But Monkey was having trouble going #2 (The Big Poo) on the potty. Not sure why. Was it because it was scary? Did he not have enough patience? Was it a physical problem? Whatever the reason he just couldn’t/wouldn’t go. So we promised the world. We promised double stickers. We promised toys and trips and dinners out. It finally worked. Yesterday he pooped on the potty! All by himself with no prompting!! It’s a big deal!

So, we took him out for dinner, out to the toy store to pick out a special toy just for him. He wanted a doll house. Do you know how many gender neutral play houses there are out there in the world? Zero. Yep. Their was Tinkerbell and Smurfette, Fisher Price (pink… why Fisher Price, why?) and Playschool. All of them geared toward girls. Finally, we stumbled upon an acceptable solution. Olivia. Yes the main girl is a girl, but she has a family that matched Monkey’s family to a T. They are all pigs, but hey, it’s all good.


From left to right we have Daddy, Radish, Mommy, Monkey and Cupcake. And because we bought the house (for $10 at Toys R Us I might add… a real steal) and the car, Olivia is also visiting the family. šŸ˜‰


Here is the car. The family is all here. Don’t you love how Mommy is driving and Daddy is like… Wooo Hooo!! ?IMG_0579

There has already been hours of playtime with these piggies… from the moment Monkey woke in the morning. šŸ˜€ I am in love with them too. I see more Olivia stuff at Grammy’s in the future.

Enjoy the Dance ;D



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