Fiction Friday: Tiger’s Curse!

FictionFridayButtonWhat do you do when taking care of a 4-year-old monkey? When he has finally fallen asleep but you are still awake and don’t want to make a bunch of noise that might wake the little cherub up? Read. Reading is the most affordable vacation I know. So affordable I make it a point to take a little vacation every night. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know I am late for Fiction Friday, but I thought… as Monkey takes a little nap, I am going to make up for lost time anyway. This blog will contain the last five books I have read this summer. Don’t want to read them all? Just skim through until you see something you like, or read the fast facts. Whatever makes you happy. It’s all good.

These aren’t in any particular order, so let’s just dive right in.35

In the book, Out of my mind, by Sharon M. Draper is about an eleven year old girl who has a photographic memory and is the smartest girl in the school but no one knows it because she can’t speak. Because Melody has Cerebral Palsy. She can’t eat by herself, dress herself, or even go to the bathroom herself.

So many times I think that we judge people because of what they look like on the outside, but we forget that just because we may not be able to function on the outside, does not mean that we are not amazing on the inside. We need to dig deeper to discover each and every person for who they are. I think if there is a book to read to kids that could change the way they view each other… this would be it.

Fast Facts:

  • Read Aloud 3-5
  • Readability 4
  • Guided Reading Level T
  • Lexile 700L
  • DRA 40
  • Chapter Book
  • Realistic Fiction (Overcoming Challenges and Disabilities)

The book, A Tangle of Knots, by Lisa Graff is about a seemingly normal world where everyone
Unknown has a talent of some sort or another. In the book, we follow Cady who has a phenominal talent for cake baking. She can bake the perfect cake for you without ever asking you what your favorite cake is. In fact, she can probably bake you a cake you never knew was your favorite to begin with.

Little do you know, through the entire book, that Cady’s destiny is wrapped around so many characters in the book. This book really emphasizes how our lives really are a tangle of knots, and how what effects one person is never an isolated incident. We are all connected in amazing ways.

Fast Facts:

  • Read Aloud 3-6
  • Readability 5.4
  • Guided Reading Level U
  • Lexile 840L
  • DRA 44
  • Chapter Book
  • Fantasy

Inย The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester, by Barbara O’Conner, Owen captures a 9780545387804_xlgbullfrog and names him Tooley. He really wants to keep him and tries to ignore the advice from his nosy neighbor Viola. What could a girl who spends all her time indoors because of serious allergies know about frogs anyway?

As Owen notices that his frog is not happy, he starts to think that Viola might know more than he originally thought.

I loved this book because it reminds me so much of what growing up is all about. Figuring out what is really important vs. what is not. I enjoyed the memories of my own childhood and my children’s childhood that this book conjured up.

Fast Facts:

  • Read Aloud 3-7
  • Readability 4.7
  • Guided Reading Level U
  • Lexile 770L
  • DRA 40
  • Chapter Book
  • Adventure

In the story, A Mango Shaped Space, by Wendy Mass, Mia Winchell thinks that everyone sees9780316523882_xlg the world just like her until one day in 3rd grade while solving a math problem on the board everyone calls her a freak because she says each number has it’s own color. After that horrible day, she keeps the fact that numbers, letters, and sounds all have colors and shapes in her world. One day when she is in the eighth grade she just can’t take it any more and finally tells her mother and father what her life is really like. They seek out help.

This book is great for understanding the condition known as synesthesia, where perception wires are crossed in the brain that allows them to see sounds, smell colors, and taste shapes. The book follows Mia as she learns to appreciate her condition and see the positive role it can play in her life.

Fast Facts:

  • Read Aloud 4-8
  • Readability 4.3
  • Guided Reading Level Y
  • Lexile 770L
  • DRA 40
  • Chapter Book
  • Realistic Fiction

UnknownTiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck, is a teen fantasy book about a girl named Kelsey Hayes who decides to take a summer job working for a circus. At the circus she meets a beautiful white tiger with piercing blue eyes. Somehow she feels drawn to the tiger and is heartbroken when she finds out that he will be sold. When she discovers that Mr. Kadam, the person buying him, will be taking him to a wildlife preserve in India she feels overjoyed for the tiger. She is even more amazed when he asks her to accompany the tiger, Ren, on his journey home.

Kelsey soon discovers on this journey that there is more to this tiger and their connection then she could ever imagine. There destinies are intertwined and they must work together to free the tiger from his curse.

Remember back on my other blog when I said this was a book I didn’t want to return but ran out of time. I finally got it back again and I have to say that it was an amazing book. I was happy to finish and am now awaiting the second book in the series. Great read for all of you paranormal, mythical fantasy people out there.

Fast Facts:

  • Read Aloud 6 grade up
  • Readability 5 (but this is mature, so not for kiddies) ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Guided Reading Level U
  • Lexile 800L
  • DRA 44
  • Chapter Book
  • Mythical Fantasy

So now I am in waiting mode… waiting for another great book to come along. Any suggestions while I wait for my holds to arrive at the library?

Enjoy the Dance! ;D



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