Cupcake is home!

  • Cupcake is home!

    Hi friends in the blogosphere. The last time I left you (it has been over a couple of months if I am not mistaken) Cupcake had just been life-flighted to the hospital for severe burns. She had received burns on over 20% of her body because of a terrible accident involving water and a sibling who was just trying to be helpful.

    After much pain, agony, surgery, prayers, faith, sacrifice, donations (the list goes on) Cupcake is heading home. Monkey will be joining her soon… It has been so marvelous to spend some extended time with him, but I am so happy for them to finally all be reunited again as a family.

    I wonder what my life will be like without him? Maybe I will be able to get more things on my to-do lists done, but I will miss having him around. Miss his cute little language, his quick laugh and happy smile.

    Never take life for granted. We only get one life so…

    Enjoy the Dance! ;D

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