Missing Monkey



    It’s a quiet Saturday without my Monkey.

    I miss him.


  • 5 thoughts on “Missing Monkey

      • Took him back to his parents. 😦
        Cupcake is doing fine. There’s going to be years of physical therapy and most likely more surgeries, but seeing them all back together again made my heart happy. If you read the previous minion article it might give you more insight. 😉 My fault for posting them one right after the other.

        • No fault. I have only intermittent internet access due to a lazy ‘service provider’. Only able to access WordPress today for the first time in days and days. Can hardly get into my gmail most times, so I didn’t see the post. Working with the orphanage pulls my heart in all directions. There’s three of them I want to bring home but am in no position to keep children. I visit once a week, do some stuff and games with them and then think about them in between. Much regard and strength.

          • Thanks! I know what you mean about kids. I feel the same way about my kids at school. There are some that just need a home with loving parents and it would turn their whole life around. Wish I could take them home but I can’t as well. Why can’t some parents realize what their behavior is doing to their kids? That is the hardest part of teaching. I just try make sure that for 6 1/2 hours a day they get love, structure, consistent boundaries, and someone who believes in them. I hope that is enough to make a difference.

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