My Little Minion

  • My Little Minion

    I took a long weekend off and went to get Monkey all settled in at home last weekend. It was a wonderful experience. I watched as Monkey was reunited with a family that he had not seen in over two months. I got to snuggle Cupcake… who is doing extremely well considering… (God bless modern medical practices.) And spend more time getting to know Radish, who I really only met for a brief couple of hours when my grandfather passed away during the summer.

    I didn’t have any room to stuff in yarn because we were going to be gone for five days and I was only going to take a carry on. Whoever can do more than a carry-on with a 4-year-old Monkey in tow is a miracle person!

    I wanted to bring some yarn though because I remembered that my daughter-in-law saw an inspiration picture on Pinterest (I think) for a minion hat which she shared on Facebook. Of course I had to make it because my little Radish (a.k.a. Raggy) deserved it. (Raggy is the name affectionately given to my baby grandson by Monkey and I think we will just stick with it.)


    So… I stopped at Walmart for some yarn in the right colors. Sadly their selection was terrible and the nearest craft store was in the next town over. I was exhausted and didn’t want to travel that far, so I did my best. I found chunky yarn in the colors needed and just went for it. I think I did a pretty good job considering.


    Enjoy the Dance! ;D


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