Tutorial Tuesday: Superhero Anyone?




    Check out the superhero capes I made for my niece and nephew for Christmas. Want to make your own? Here are the tutorials I researched and used when making these cool capes and masks.

    • I used the blog by Lara from HowDoesShe to help me get an idea on how to make the basic cape. I knew I wanted a bigger neck for my nephew, so I increased the neck measurement in the tutorial to about 6 inches.
    • I researched tons of images and found this image that I liked for the B. I did some more research and found this free font that I liked called BadaBoom BB. You can find it on dafont.com. I chose a font size to fill the whole page and printed it out.
    • I appliquéd the felt circles (dinner plate) and letters before sewing the front and back of the cape (right sides together).
    • Follow this link for a couple of great mask templates. I used two layers of felt to help make the masks sturdy. Rather than cutting holes like the mask suggested, I just attached elastic. I researched the average size head for a child the age of my niece and nephew and subtracted the mask length. I cut the elastic to add the difference. Example: If a child’s head is 20 inches. 20 inches – 9 inches (length of mask) = 11 inches (length to cut elastic). My niece’s mask elastic ended up being a little big… her mom easily took in the extra when it arrived at her house. 🙂
    • So that’s it. Easy peasy. My nephew enjoyed his cape and mask so much he wore it for days. That makes me smile. 🙂


    Enjoy the Dance! ;D


    Wanna get back to Make it and Love it? Click this link right here: http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2014/03/you-made-it-and-love-it-5-a-link-party-and-last-weeks-favorites.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MakeItAndLoveIt+%28Make+It+and+Love+It%29

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