Chubby Little Cubby…

all stuffed with fluff.

DSC_0011Let me tell you of the journey I went on to make this bear for my now 17-year-old Miss Independent. Three years ago she requested a crochet Winnie the Pooh for Christmas. I thought… Okay, I can do that! So I went on a search to see if anyone had done it. I found zip. I searched for a book that had a pattern and only one came up… on Ebay.  A Disney Home Pooh and Friends Crochet book. Price tag: over $50 bucks! But it was my daughter, so I purchased it… and then ran out of money and time. I wrapped that little book up and put it under the Christmas tree.

A year went busily by and Christmas rolled around again. I realized that I never even got started on that bear and went out to buy the yarn. That took another big sum of money and I ran out of time so I wrapped that yarn up, put in under the tree and gave Miss Independent yarn for Christmas.

So that brings us to the Christmas just past. I really thought I was going to get out of making Pooh for her this year. (Don’t judge me… that thing is over 20 inches and has millions of stitches. Ain’t nobody got time for that!) Miss Independent came up with the idea because we are all older now (Smarty Pants is in the 5th grade… I know, where does the time go?) that we could draw names and buy one nice gift for that person. Awesome idea! Christmas was going to be tight anyway because of all the tragic summer events and this was the ticket to solving our Christmas dilemma. And what are the odds of drawing Miss Independent? 1 out of 7. Pretty good odds. I reached into the hat and pulled out my slip… Miss Independent! The fates were rooting for her and that darn Pooh Bear.

So away I went, making stitches from dawn until dusk trying to get that blasted bear done before Christmas. It didn’t happen, but I was bound and determined not to have it hanging over my head any longer. It was difficult. The pattern was either written by a crochet artist or a madman. It had barely any pictures to go on, and I kept finding myself lost. We’ll say it was one of those patterns that had to be crocheted in complete silence and everything had to come out exactly right… which by the way didn’t happen. I had to do some creative adjustments and just pray it came out looking enough like Pooh Bear that it would be accepted by it’s owner. And I am happy to say that it was.

I came out of this smarter in many ways.

1. I learned how to attach limbs right in the middle of crochet rounds rather than sewing them on in the end… neat trick. Not sure if I will use it again, but I know that I have it in my back pocket if needed.

2. I learned that I do not want to ever make another Pooh friend in this book again… ever!

3. I learned not to agree to create anything until the research is done ahead of time. Never again to I want to get in that position!

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Enjoy the Dance! ;D



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