Mmmm… Monday: Qdoba Tortilla Soup!

  • Mmmm... Monday

    One of the places I love to go eat without worrying if I am going to get a bellyache… or worse… afterward is Qdoba. Now that I found the tortilla soup recipe online shared by Qdoba itself, I don’t have to wait to drive to the next town to enjoy a yummy dinner!

    Want to enjoy a great gluten free dinner tonight? Try the Qdoba Tortilla Soup recipe I found here. Want to make it even hardier? Add some rice in the bottom of your bowl, scoop some tortilla soup over it, and then top it with a little cheese, a dollop of sour cream, some avocado slices, a sprinkling of cilantro and a few crushed chips. Mexican Gumbo. Yum!

    Enjoy the Dance! ;D

    P.S. You might try adding some beans as well. My stomach can’t take them, but a few black beans would make it extra filling.

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