What doctors don’t tell you…

If you don’t want to read a long sappy account of the history of me and my trouble with doctors, just read the following: Never believe what your doctor tells you because they aren’t telling you the whole truth! If you want to read the long version… then away we go!

Once upon a time just a few short years ago, I started having trouble. (You know, the bathroom trouble that we all don’t like to mention. Diarrhea.) It was a big problem… I mean, how can you teach when you are having trouble with that stuff! I went to the doctor, and after several attempts managed to get her to at least agree to a colonoscopy. Of course everything turned out normal… my colon was beautiful and healthy. (As beautiful and healthy as colons are anyway.) IBS I was diagnosed with. IBS was the root of my problems. Eat more fiber she said and all your problems will go away. So I ate more fiber… and my problems did not go away, they got worse.

Soon added to my trouble was swelling in my arms and my legs. Back to the doctor I went. Why are my arms and legs swelling I asked? (By this time I had been doing a little research on my own.) Could it be Celiac Disease? I am so tired all the time, and my lymph nodes in my arms are swollen a lot. These stupid Americans, she says right in front of me. Always self diagnosing themselves. I had a girl come in the other day and say, “I’m fat.  Put me on thyroid medication so I can be thin.” You do not have Celiac Disease, you have incompetent veins. Wear support hose. How is support hose going to help me with this problem? What about my hands? My swollen lymph nodes. My rapidly gaining weight that I had worked so hard to lose? But I dutifully tried those support hose. You guessed it… it did nothing to help. In fact it was very painful and the support hose cut in to my leg where my legs were trying to swell up around the support hose.

So I did what anyone in my place would do. I stopped eating gluten. Miraculously, the diarrhea went away. The swelling went away. My easy bruising (that I had been suffering with my whole life) went away. I was on cloud nine! I was feeling so good about all these symptoms disappearing I forgot that I still felt tired all the time. Tired yet I could only sleep a few hours (4-5) at a time. So tired I forgot things that people shouldn’t forget. So tired I felt like I was swimming through a fog. After being gluten free for some time, I realized that I still didn’t feel so good. That my lymph nodes under my arms still swelled. So after about a year and a half of being completely gluten free, I went back to the doctor. A different doctor mind you… don’t think I’m that dumb. I learned my lesson with the last one. A different doctor… that’s what I needed. After about five minutes of trying to fill her in on my history.  Stress, she said. It’s just stress. Try to exercise more. Exercise more? I can barely make it through the day. See if you can take some extra yoga classes or something. Sleep more at night. Sleep more at night? How do you do that when your body won’t cooperate?

I left the doctor’s office totally disheartened. I cried. And cried. And then I decided enough was enough. I was going to go a different route. I had my husband call up my doctor’s office when I was at work and ask to make an appointment with a naturopath. They said that I would need a referral, and that I would need to come back in to get that referral. My husband told them that I had just been in, and that the doctor couldn’t help me, so I wanted to see a naturopath to see if they had any different suggestions. He actually had to hang up with them and call the corporation. Your wife doesn’t need a referral sir. She can see the naturopath three times a year per diagnosis. I’ll send you a list of naturopaths in your area right away. That afternoon I called a local naturopath and made an appointment.

I am one appointment in with this doctor and she has already started me on a road to healing. There is much to do, but that’s just it. We are doing something. Already she has given me something to drain my lymph system… but we need to dig deeper and find the cause. She was shocked to find that they never ordered a mammogram for me… apparently swollen lymph nodes are a sign of breast cancer. Thanks for nothing regular doctors! She said my freezing cold tired nights and roasting hot mornings sound like a thyroid problem and is doing some more in depth thyroid tests for me. Also, she is testing my other hormone levels. Hello. I had asked my previous doctor if she would please consider it. This doctor didn’t even need to be asked. She said, We have three goals for you. Get your hormones stabilized, get your weight back down where it should be (which she says should be my high school weight) and keep you from getting breast cancer. God bless her! Finally, someone who listened to me, (First appointments are usually an hour long.) actually took the time to look at me, (My regular doctor wouldn’t even touch my lymph nodes.) and put a plan in place to make it happen.

Why aren’t all traditional doctors like this? That could be a slew of other posts. Don’t get me wrong. There are some great traditional docs out there. I used to have one a long time ago. It just seems to me they are fewer and farther in between.

Enjoy the Dance ;D



6 thoughts on “What doctors don’t tell you…

  1. I understand your issues with medical doctors. I’ve been using homeopathic medicine for a long time. It really works. Unfortunately, I live in a remote area and access to a good homeopath or naturopath is difficult. Luckily my chemist stocks tissue salts. I do need, I’m sure, another in depth talk.

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