On the road to recovery…

Hi friends in the blogging world! Yes, I admit that my last post was a little on the edge, but honestly that is exactly how I felt. This last Thursday was an amazing breakthrough, though. I went to see my naturopath as all the results to my tests were in. What did she discover? I have a hypothyroid, and adrenal fatigue.

Why did it take me so many years to figure out that doctors don’t diagnose things unless it is staring them in the face? Why do they push so many antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds when most of the time there is a real physical problem causing fatigue?

I have been on thyroid medication and adrenal supplements for 2 1/2 days now and I can already feel the “real” me coming back. The one that has energy to do things after work. The one who likes to get up early and exercise. The one that likes to create. It’s me… I’m coming back. No more foggy brain. No more sleepless nights. No more memory loss. I will be able to think, reason, and interact with others without feeling like I am swimming through a sea of drowsiness. I will be able to lift my arms and crochet that little airplane that I have been dying to make for Raggy. I will be able to type at a keyboard without my wrists feeling like they are on fire.

My doctor says it is going to be a slow road back, and to take my time and not rush things. I’m going to listen to her. You know why? Because she took the time to listen to me, dig deep and figure out exactly what is going on. Of course we have other things still left to figure out, but we are on the right track. It’s nice to finally have found someone that I trust.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D



2 thoughts on “On the road to recovery…

    • Thanks so much! I am feeling so much better… it’s incredible. Excited for a full recovery. (Whatever that is.)

      Hugs right back!

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