Going Caveman

  • Going Caveman

    Thirty-nine days ago exactly I saw my naturopath again. Thyroid and adrenal glands have been on the mend, but still no dice in the losing weight department. So she suggested paleo. I told her I would try anything.

    Paleo is not… I repeat NOT… at all what I had heard people talking about. Paleo is amazing! All I have to do is follow a few simple rules and BAM!! I have lost 16 pounds. 16 POUNDS! In 39 days! That is a big deal.


    Me. Who never, EVER lost weight. (I was lucky to keep myself from gaining it.)

    16 pounds. And I can eat what I want. As much as I want. Heck, I could eat a whole chicken and still lose a pound the next day. (I don’t think I could eat a whole chicken, but I could try.) I’m never hungry. I feel like a whole new woman!

    Did I mention that I haven’t even started exercising yet? I mean, other than my usual activity?

    God bless my naturopath. And God bless Paleo!

    Enjoy the Dance! ;D

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