So what is Paleo?

DSC_0172So after writing my last post, I had one of my most faithful readers (who is also my colleague and my friend), say, “Well, you told us that Paleo wasn’t what you heard people talking about, but you never actually told us what it was.”

I was thinking about that a lot today, and wondering, how to I explain what Paleo is…

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that so many other people have explained it so much better than I ever could, so today’s blog post is going to be a few links. If you really want to know about Paleo and why it works, these are the places that got me started. They were both quick, easy, non-threatening reads, and they got me off to a great start.

Nom Nom Paleo is a great place to read about all things Paleo… not to mention she has the best… I repeat BEST recipes ever! There are so many that are free on her blog, and she has a book and an amazing iPad app that shows you step by step through pictures how to make things. It’s like Snapguide on steroids!

The second place that helped me tons was the first thing that popped up in the search engine when I searched Paleo. Isn’t it nice when that happens? Nerd Fitness, thank you for your simple, well laid out explanation, but especially for those humorous pictures that made eating Paleo seem a whole lot less threatening. (I am not sure why it worked that way for me, but it did.)

So that’s it for today. Unless you want to really get into it. If you do, then you should start reading “It Starts with Food” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. It’s an amazing book that really explains in English the sciency stuff that makes Paleo work. And if you are like me and want to know why, then this is the book for you. It has enlightened me as to what has been going wrong my entire life. It’s amazing! A great read, and informational all at the same time.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D


P.S. Go out and buy a living basil plant. Even I can keep one alive, and I kill EVERYTHING!


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