Top 10 Paleo Discoveries…

IMG_0001I have been pondering all the new things that I have discovered. It has been about a month and a half now, and my life has taken such a drastic change for the better that I thought I would share a few things that I have discovered in Dave Letterman fashion. (Does anyone else watch him just for the top ten list? I know I do.) 🙂

10. Coconut oil. Now, I know that I have used this before. My kids got interested in all the “beauty products” they could make using coconut oil. Lipgloss, lipstick… my kitchen will be forever stained with red and pink crayons. 😉 But now that I actually use this as a food product, my cast iron pans have never been shinier!

9. Homemade mayo. I had never, until Paleo, even attempted to make Mayo. I mean, it seemed so complicated and sciency. I made all other things “from scratch” my whole life, but I never thought I could make something that seemed so complicated. I mean, look at all the ingredients on that bottle! Who knew that you could actually make it with a hand whisk. And that it took very few ingredients. Need a recipe? Click here.

We made some delicious tuna salad one night, and Little Miss Smarty Pants (whose pants have been getting even littler BTW) was so ecstatic. It would be her first taste of mayo ever. Because of her soy and dairy allergies, she was never able to eat it before I made it homemade. A few bites in, she exclaimed her love of mayo, and then quickly after, her dismay that she would never be able to eat potato salad because we don’t eat potatoes anymore. I promised her that I would make her potato salad for her birthday. She perked up at the mention of that. 🙂

8. Red Boat fish sauce. Nom Nom Paleo, I am spreading the word. I am joining the Red Boat Fish Sauce discipleship. Want something to liven up your sautéed mushrooms? Want something to add a little bite to your spicy hot wings? This is it. Gotta love it!!

7. Never being hungry. No midnight cravings! I mean sure, if I went all day without eating I would be hungry. I’m talking about that I-could-eat-an-entire-cow feeling that I used to have all day long. And then those horrible I-need-something-sweet-to-eat cravings that would start around 8 at night and plague me all night long! Good by hunger and cravings. Don’t let the door hit you in the…

6. Strength and energy. Yep. Both of which I was lacking for so long I had forgotten what it felt like to be able to get through an entire day without feeling totally exhausted and foggy brained by 3:00 pm. Heck, sometimes I couldn’t even make it until lunch. Sometimes I would get up, take a shower, get ready for work, and then feel like I could just go crawl back under the covers and go to sleep. NO LONGER!

5. Effortless weight-loss  In the past, I have eaten reduced calorie diets, exercised like a work horse, and still not lost a single pound. Not a single ounce! Sometimes I have actually gained weight. UGH! I am sure many of you know how this feels. Not any longer. In a month and a half… exactly today… I have lost 18 pounds without any effort besides changing my diet. Sometimes, I would be so afraid to get on the scale thinking… I just ate three eggs and two pieces of bacon for breakfast. I am going to have gained a ton. I would be shocked to step on the scale and see that number moving down. I can’t wait to see what adding exercise will do!

4. No counting calories. This is a big deal. By cutting out foods that mess up my metabolism and hormone balance, I can eat until I am full. I don’t have to worry about micromanaging an app on my phone and having it scream at me that I have eaten too few or too many calories for the day. I don’t have to micromanage how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fats I have eaten. My life is simpler. I have time to enjoy cooking and enjoy eating. I mean, isn’t that what life is about… enjoyment?

3. Improved health. Not only has my health improved, but the health of those that I take care of. It’s a win-win. Some things that have disappeared are joint pain, stomach aches, bleeding ulcers, sleepless nights, acid reflux, depression, feminine cycles (sorry if that grosses anyone out but it’s worth sharing), allergies, and overall general health.

2. Everyone in the family can eat the same meal. This is a big deal. For so long, Little Miss Smarty Pants has felt gypped. No cheese. No mayo. No pizza. No ice cream. No, you can’t eat this bread because it has soybean oil in it. No, you can’t eat this cracker because it contains milk. No more! We can all sit down to the table together. Me and Miss Independent and Tater with our gluten allergies can eat the same meal with Little Miss and her soy and dairy allergies. We are all eating healthy, and we are all eating the same food. What a blessing!

1. Hope. I have hope. Hope that I can return to a weight that is healthy for me. Hope that my body will function well, so that I can run and hike with my grandkids. Hope that my children will grow up and be healthier adults because I have made this change now. Hope that my older children who have already left the roost will see this transformation and want it for themselves. Hope that I can teach others that healthy doesn’t always mean doing or eating what everyone else does. We all need to do what is best for us, and I am so thankful that I have found what works for me. I feel great, and that gives me hope.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D



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