Mmmm… Monday: 3 ingredient pancakes!

10296355_666067056795910_4686972766810618826_oI know I didn’t tell you this, but Cupcake is going in for another surgery. It’s a happy, sad sort of thing. Happy because she is moving closer to being a whole, healthy, happy little girl, but sad because she has to endure it all. She is an amazing spirit I tell ya! When we left from visiting this summer, I was amazed at all she could do, at her calm, gentle manner, but most importantly at her curiosity and willingness to explore. This girl is amazing!

So, because mom and dad will be busy with her, we brought Monkey and Raggy home with us. šŸ™‚ That is a plus side for sure! We get to play, eat, and explore with them. What could be better?

The first thing Monkey asked for when we got here was pancakes. I am the pancake queen. I am known for my pancakes and my cinnamon rolls. So what happens when you switch your diet out of necessity and you can no longer make those things? What’s a grandma to do? Thankfully I was able to find a recipe on Pinterest for pancakes with three simple ingredients. 1 banana, two eggs, and some cinnamon. This recipe was so easy, that Monkey could make his own. He sure was happy about that because he LOVES to cook.

So how to make this easy pancakes:

Step 1: Blend up a banana. The bananas taste best when they are a little on the overripe side. Yes. Another way to use those overripe bananas! We used an immersion blender because it’s quick and easy.


Then, crack two eggs into the same cup and blend them up with the banana. After that, add some cinnamon… you’ll have to experiment with this part because I didn’t measure. I would guess somewhere around a tablespoon, but you could use more or less for taste. šŸ™‚

Step 2: Pour the pancake batter into a hot oiled pan or onto a hot oiled griddle. I chose to make one big pancake because every kid loves a pancake that is bigger than their head. They would probably be easier to flip if you made them smaller.


Step 3: Cook the pancake on a lower heat than a normal pancake, giving it time to set up. I don’t know what to tell you, because on my stove I have to turn it to simmer, but my stove burner is terrible! It has two settings. Simmer and burn. I can’t wait to get a new stove!

Flip the pancake and cook on the other side for a few minutes and then transfer to a plate. These pancakes are certainly kid approved!


You can even experiment with adding other ingredients. Here is my blueberry pancake. šŸ™‚


Yum! We didn’t add anything to the top of our pancakes, but you could drizzle on real maple syrup or something. I enjoyed mine just the way it was.

So go impress your kids or grandkids with these simple, healthy pancakes.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D


And P.S. Pray for Cupcake!


2 thoughts on “Mmmm… Monday: 3 ingredient pancakes!

  1. Tell Cupcake we love her to bits, that you’ve made her famous and she’s goiing to be fantastic! She will heal in no time at all. And I’m going to give those pancakes a try. Love them myself.

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