Macaroni and Cheese and Miracles

It started at girls camp. I started wondering about life, and about why terrible things happen to good, innocent people. (Not that I haven’t wondered it before. As I am sure you have too.) Good, innocent children. Why do horrible, painful, tragic things have to happen to good little children? Why my grandchild? What could she possibly learn from the tragic event of last year? What could a child possibly learn who is barely over a year old? What?

Then for some reason (the spiritual environment I am sure), I started thinking about all the good that has happened around this Macaroni and Cheese eating toddler. The support that has been given by family, friends and complete strangers… and I realize. Maybe this isn’t about what Cupcake can learn. Maybe it is about what all of us can learn. Adults who have survived serious burns are in a position to give back. To give comfort. We all are in positions to stretch ourselves. To give of our time. Our money. Our kindness. Our skills. We gain strength and value. No doubt this little spirit has come to earth to help strengthen us.

This hugging, loving, calm, determined, charitable spirit has come to teach us things that we need to learn about life.

So thank you Cupcake. Thank you for being willing to teach us things that we don’t already know about love, compassion, and tenderness. You are a miracle. I love you. And I am not alone in that.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D



6 thoughts on “Macaroni and Cheese and Miracles

  1. I’ve just been through such a learning curve. Also asked what, why? Temperance is one. And the other is that children are a lot more forgiving than what I am. And that adults are stupid and blind and full of themselves. The forgiveness of children is redemption.

  2. Oh, and unfortunately I’m not in a strong enough financial position to be able to make a donation, am living on cheese and air. But I do hope your family get offers from people. Good luck.

  3. I really really hope you didn’t take my comment about stupidity of adults personally. Your case was a faulty product from a manufacturer. I hope you guys consider suing them. In my case, it was a decision made by a single grown up to not investigate a case of what I called child abuse. I did volunteer work at an orphanage and a worker scrubbed two kids necks with a stone until the skin came off and it wasn’t taken seriously. It took six weeks and involving Childline, Child Welfare and a professional clinical psychologist before my complaint was taken seriously. Much, much regard. Petru

    • That is aweful! And no, I didn’t take it personally. 🙂 I know there are plenty of cases out there in which adults are to blame. It can be very disheartening if I sit and dwell on all the sad things in life. That’s why I am choosing to focus on the good. 🙂

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