Name them one by one…


You know when you want to do all these amazing things and then you get so bogged down, just keeping your head above water so nothing ever gets done? Ya. That’s how my life seems to be going right now. So I decided it was time to count my blessings, and at the same time, kind of update the world about what is going on in my corner of it.

1. I am thankful for my health. Seriously. Things have not been going very smoothly lately, but I can only imagine what it would be like if I was having trouble functioning myself. I am grateful for all that I have learned about keeping my body healthy.

2. I am thankful for modern medicine. Even though I gripe about doctors, (let’s face it people… some of them are just there to make a quick buck) I am thankful for the technology and new studies in the area of medicine that allow for people to get better. My husband is on the mend, and my granddaughter is growing up into such a lovely little girl. Yes, she will have more surgeries along the way, and yes there are conflicting opinions and information that her parents are going to have to navigate through, but overall, she is healthy and alive. Just like an almost three year old should be.

3. I am thankful for family. Sometimes having a houseful of people is hard (just imagine ten people kicking around in a three bedroom), and yes, sometimes I want Calgon to take me away. (That’s the OCD part of me kicking in. In no way, shape or form can a house full of ten people be somewhere for a person who micromanages every little thing.) But, overall I am very blessed to have so many lovely people to spend my time with. People who can pitch in and pick up the slack… even if it isn’t done exactly how I would. (That’s the hard part for us OCDers.) And I hope that they don’t get offended when sometimes I have to hide in my room for a night…

4. My friends. I could just include them with my family, but I sure enjoy having someone to talk to when things get tough. Someone to go shopping with. To go out to dinner with. A shoulder to cry on. I have to include my hubby here. He is the best friend I have. Ya. Friends are the best!

5. My job. Can I just say how happy I am to get up each morning and go to work? I just love teaching my students and I love that they have just as much to teach me as I have to teach them. I hope that what I give them is more than just an academic education. I hope that I teach them to do good. To be good people. To make their life a wonderful adventure, full of kindness and happiness.

It’s funny how the more you focus on your blessings, the more they just keep creeping in, but I won’t bore you with them all. This post was more for me. Reminding myself that no matter how difficult life gets, we always have something to be grateful for.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe


2 thoughts on “Name them one by one…

  1. I so needed this! Thank you. I am so blessed to know YOU! You are a true inspiration to me. Just by being you, I am reminded that to never give up, always look for the good and that NO ONE is perfect, not even me or you-the ocd perfectionists, and that is a good thing. You remind me that we are all perfectly imperfect and that I should accept and acknowledge that. I don’t feel like I have many friends, let’s face it, at our age, it can be exhausting to keep a “real” friendship alive. But, I like to count you as a friend, a real honest to goodness friend. I never feel judged or criticized when talking to you and I feel as though you are always there for me. Just remember, if you ever need a clean tub and a little epsom salt to take a bath with, let me know-my tub is always open for you to escape in. 🙂 Love ya my friend.

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