The cutest snowmen of all…

It’s a big bummer when your computer is spazzing out. A bummer with a capital B. It makes it really hard to keep up on the blogging that you love so much. Typing on my iPad just isn’t as satisfying. My fingers miss the feeling of flying over the keyboard. It’s the difference between finishing a post in a few minutes vs. a post in closer to an hour. Boo. Gotta get that thing back to healthy. It’s cramping my style!

A few great things happened today. I got the sweetest email from one of my students, and we created the best craft! I think parents are going to love their gift this year. Snowmen lanterns. If you are a pinned on Pinterest, you’ve most likely seen them, but when kids get involved, they take on a personality all their own.

Here is my little guy.


And here is my little guy all lit up.


But look at all the great personalities created in my room today!


Do you want to build a snowman?? I bet you do!

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe


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