An old tradition gets new life…

A long time ago on an island semi-far away, our family started a Christmas tamale tradition. My hubby had begged me for years to learn to make them, and we stumbled upon the perfect book while shopping, so… a new tradition was born.


Three years later, our family moved away from that magical island, and life got busy. Work, school, shopping… life just seemed more complicated and tamales got put on the back burner. But this year, I’m not sure why, tamales seemed super important. Maybe they brought back a feeling of normalcy during such a complicated time. It seemed to be just what we needed.

So I cooked the pork…



Made the sauce…


And after throwing together the masa, we assembled those tamales assembly line fashion and an hour later had a steamer full of delicious tamales. And there is nothing better in this world than a tamale straight from the steamer.


A tamale straight out of the steamer is proof that sometimes the best things in life taste better because they took a little planning and a little bit of hard work. A fresh tamale is also proof that great things come from good team work.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe

P.S. Did I mention how good tamales are for breakfast? Ya. Mmmmmm…




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