Cupcake’s journey continues…

Hi friends,

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Something about a girl rescuing a rat out of the road. I hope everyone doesn’t think that by that blog I mean we all run out and rescue rats from utter demise. I hope that everyone knows that the rat is metaphorical and represents helping someone in need.

So what got me to open up my chromebook and get writing this morning? Cupcake. As those who have been following my blog know, a couple of summers ago, Cupcake had a tragic accident that burned over 20% of her body. Her little hands and feet, as miraculous as they have healed, still need some help. Today, Cupcake is scheduled to go in to have her toes repositioned (through cutting ligaments, pinning her toes into place, and then reattaching the ligaments) so that her toes will hopefully grow as normal little toes should. She also may or may not have work done on her left hand at the same time. That hasn’t quite been decided as of yet this morning.

Cupcake is one of the strongest people I know, and yet being so tiny, you can’t help but worry. My students and I created a special quilt that we sent with Mia this morning. It is a gift to her, but it is a token of our love and hope that all things will go smoothly. I hope that this blanket carries with it the love and hope of the 29 students that helped make it possible, and I hope that it can be something she can cling to as she braves out this next step in her life. I can’t tell you how much I love this little gem of mine.


So if you are out there in the blogosphere and you see this post today, I hope you take the time to send some healing thoughts/prayers our way. We could sure use them during this part of the dance we call life.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe


2 thoughts on “Cupcake’s journey continues…

  1. A prayer from me to Cupcake and your entire family. She’s beautiful! I’m sure it will go well! I must admit I’m glad it’s only her hands and feet that seem damaged. One’s grateful for anything. Much regard.

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