French gray walls and other painted stuff…

Hi Friends!

Here is a really quick update about what has been finished at my house.

1. After Ansje helped me demolish the kitchen walls, it was such a long time before we put the molding back up that it was a little puzzle. In hind sight, when you think a project is going to be lickety split, mark the molding anyway, because it looks really daunting in a pile like this after the project took longer than you thought and your brain can’t remember where everything went.


2. We figured out the puzzle and got all the painted molding back up with only one tiny casualty… here are the befores and afters of what we have done so far. More work to go of course, but it is looking better every day!


DSC_0783 (1)


DSC_0356 DSC_03573. I worked hard over a couple of days and painted the craft room Sherwin Williams French gray in eggshell from their historic collection. The bead board is Sherwin Williams extra white in semi gloss it matches the window trim.

Here is the before of the dining room (that is my craft room):

DSC_0596Here is the after:

(Sorry the lighting of the whole room is a little back lit because of that wonderful window 😉 )

DSC_0371 DSC_0373On to the next section of the great room… the living area. Now that my craft room is more organized and isn’t the throw-all section of the house anymore, maybe I can get that seat cushion sewn for the window seat. Here’s hoping!

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe


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