Less really is more…

I feel like you go through your whole young life in the pursuit of things. You have to have the newest this or that. The latest fashions, half of which you never wear. Oodles of toys: for you and your kids. You feel like your life isn’t complete without being surrounded by stuff. The older I get, the more I learn about who I am, the more I realize how lame this really is.

Commence the purging. Giving away wardrobe pieces that were impulse buys. Never worn. Going through numerous clothing patterns purchased on sale because someday I was going to make this amazing something for someone. (Let’s be real, I do make a ton of good stuff, but my best work is pattern free. Usually upcycled. I don’t even really enjoy sewing with a pattern. I do things with the fewest pieces possible. Less is more.) Purging the fabric that I bought because it was on sale.

Through all of this, I found out what “things” I can’t live without. The list is pretty short.

  1. Books: you can never have too many books. Book books, ebooks, digital audio books. Books are good. 
  2. Yarn: it’s my therapy. If I don’t have some yarn to whip into something, someone might die. Well, maybe not die… let’s be real, I really couldn’t physically maim someone, but someone is going to get their feelings hurt for sure. Or I might have a nervous breakdown. Yarn is a necessary part of my life.  
  3. Technology: This one kind of goes with books. Great technology helps me learn everything I need to know. Need a new crochet pattern? Get it online. Need professional work clothes but don’t want to fill your closet with clothes you will never wear again? Online clothing rental company. With a good piece of technology, the world is at your fingertips. How else will I see all the cute things my grand cuties are doing?  

Other than these three things, the basics are all I need. A car that runs. It doesn’t need to be the latest and greatest. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be pretty. A roof over my head. Nothing fancy. A comfy pair of yoga pants and a hoodie. A comfy chair to sit in while I crochet. A bed to sleep in at night. My family and my dog to keep me company. Because really, that’s what life is really all about. People and relationships. That’s where your true wealth lies. But that is another post altogether.

What are the things you can’t live without?

Life is simple. Life is good. Less really is more.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe


5 thoughts on “Less really is more…

  1. Yup! I’ve been realizing this myself over the last year. I opened the kitchen drawer and see I have like 8 spatulas! So I talked my wife into the joy of donating stuff. Purging is another nice word. And man, it surely feels good. I cannot deny. Now a year later , having made umpteen trips to the good will, it’s like, why did we need all that stuff to begin with! Less is more. More free time cause you’re not managing all your spatulas! I like to travel the same way. Light and right.

    I do like your blog!

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