Ever heard of Koala Crate?…

Or Kiwi Crate, or Doodle Crate or Tinker Crate?

If you haven’t, and you have kids (or grandkids) you might seriously consider checking it out. It’s perfect for a busy adult who wants to spend quality time with their kids. And hours of fun can be had with just one box!

Cupcake and I made a polar bear costume…

and then we played polar bears… We threw around some snowballs that we created with yarn and a loofah.

We made some snowflake wrapping paper by using a snowflake stamp.

The great thing about this kit is that everything is organized and ready to go. Even the plastic needle was threaded for us. The instructions are simple, and the activities are totally age appropriate. I love these kits. Totally worth the money (and no one is paying me to say this.)

Monkey and I learned all about light on the day he stayed with us. And we didn’t even scratch the surface of his kit. We have so much more to learn about light.

Whether you have a kid or grandkid who is 3 or 16, there is a kit for them. Want to get them to unplug? Check out kiwibox (or one of the other boxes that are age appropriate for them).

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe


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