What do you get… ?

What do you get when Grampy’s silky military poncho liner (that Grampy swears is not a security blanket even though it looks like a security blanket, feels like a security blanket, and acts like a security blanket) wears out?

Make two new security blankets for your grandsons.

1. Unpick the binding around the blanket. (You are going to reuse this later.)

2. Cut the blanket in half and round the edges to match the four original corners.

3. Put cute patches over the burn holes where Grampy got too close to the fire on a camping trip. (Yes, he even took the thing camping. Woobie? I think so! And guess what? I wanted to make sure that I used the most common spelling for woobie, so I did a google search and guess what the first images are? HA!)


4. Use the binding that came with the poncho liner to finish one of the blankets and take the other grandson to pick out the material he would like for his binding. (Orange with spiders? Okay.)

5. Make some 1 inch wide double fold bias tape out of the material using this tutorial by danamadeit.com. (She is my go to girl when I don’t know how to do something.)

6. Sew the new bias tape to the other blanket.

7. Wala! You have two happy boys who each have a special mini size woobie… just like Grampy.


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