Are you addicted?…


Are you addicted to technology? How long could you go without picking up your smartphone, your laptop, your chromebook, your iPad, or your tablet? How long before your fingers itch to see what’s happening on Facebook or who’s tweeted something scandalous on Twitter?

I wonder that myself. For three years I lived without technology. My family and I lived on a remote island and we did it. Well, we didn’t live completely without it. But I wonder if you would call uploading photos on the school’s ancient mac that we affectionately named “the hog” and sending a monthly email to all my family and friends “living with technology”.  The signal was shoddy, and sporadic to say the least. If we wanted to talk on the phone, we had to hike over 300 yards to the top of the hill to get our brick of a cell phone to roam to Canada so that we could get a phone call out. We lived disconnected from the world. If we wanted news, we had to listen to the radio (also considered technology, I guess):  mostly Canadian radio, so we didn’t always hear what was happening in the states. No TV. No movies. No social media. No daily connection to the world.

But could I do it now? Could I go a day without checking my email, or grabbing my phone and looking for the answer to a question that popped into my head? What if I couldn’t check my bank balance online and I had to rely on my check ledger like I did in the old days? I just don’t know. There are times when I think I could throw it all away. Go back to the life I used to live. I’ll be honest, it was much simpler then. You didn’t have to think about and process all the political garbage sprinkled on social media between all the status updates. But then I think of all the connections and friendships I have made thanks to technology. I think of all the old friends I have been able to reconnect with thanks to social media. The family I can stay connected with thanks to Facebook. The business I can run on the side of my day job thanks to Etsy. The photos I can access no matter which device I am using because they are “in the cloud”.

We take so many things for granted now when it comes to technology. But are we addicted? Could you go a day without getting online on your phone? Using your Facebook app? Checking your email? Writing a blog post? 😉

Could you?

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe


3 thoughts on “Are you addicted?…

  1. Greetings! Great post. Saw you swung by our site, and thunk, golly, wonder what you’ve got going on in your end of the blogosphere. I do like what I’ve read here.

    3 years on a remote island? Really ? Wow , that’s kind of a dream of mine. Have any blog posts about that ? Anyway, yup technology. It’s a bitter sweet thing to me too, and I think a feel where you’re coming from. Often times when on vacation any ways I find myself turning the toys off, disconnecting, and just being where I am. I really enjoy that. Maybe I ought to do such things once a week, just because.

    Anyways, I’ve enjoyed your writing and if I can find a follow button, I shall!


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